I am simply a beginner in the world of photography, well, let me make it more precise "the world of digital photography". With my technical background, it's so easy for one guy like me to fall into a "trap" like this, covered with focal length, depth of field, aperture, ISO speed, flash synchronization, blah blah blah.. all these techy words, not to mention, tons of shiny gadgets, oh yeah, no man can resist this, if one can, he can't be a man. hehe.

One thing we all have to admit, it's that once we start releasing the shutter, the world is framed, framed by one's mind, intentionally or intentionally. A feeling which is from deep inside you got engraved into the picture, composed by the lights and shadows, simple while complex. Somehow it's hard for an engineer (a good name for geek) to express his/her feeling in words, but now, things changed, pick up the camera, touch up the picture, let your mind start flowing!

During all these years, I slowly built up my camera gears and always trying to present the best moment in my moments.

Who am I?

Right, as mentioned, I am an Engineer, a network engineer. After graduating from college in China in 2002, this lucky guy went to US and obtained his M.S. degree at the beginning of 2004. Thanks for the wonderful job market at that time, Goldman Sachs became the first firm I worked for in my career life. I really had a good time in GS, in terms of learning all those "non-technical things" that professors can't teach you with their books and cheatsheets. To be honest, watching GS rolling down the way in the passed months and knowing all my previous colleagues either left or got laid off by GS is kinda sad for me. The good ole days~ oh my~...

Later on for some reasons, I moved out from GS in 2005 and joined JPMorgan Chase when it's still busy digesting the BankOne Corp. Till today, JPMorgan Chase's IT infrastructure remains the biggest I've ever seen, and the company culture, management style are the key reasons to make this firm excel from the pack. The longer I work in JPM, the more I learn about this: when others are running, making sure you're moving and won't fall; when others fall, rush picking up their goodies and run! I am still working in JPM today, no longer in US location, but having fun oversea ;-)

What am I good at?


Well yet to come..... be patient! will ya?